Life transformation is the ultimate goal of Mission Georgia

Life transformation is the core desire of Mission Georgia. Helping Georgia Baptist churches bring it to neighbors in need is our priority. We all have neighbors who are unreached, and even worse, unengaged with the gospel. Considering this reality, the question becomes, “Who is far from the gospel but close to me?”

The stories of individuals who are answering this question reveal the life-changing work of Jesus across our state. 

When he was a child, church buildings surrounded Sam and his family after they moved from Africa into an apartment in Georgia, but he knew nothing about the gospel. One of those churches offered opportunities for him to play sports and go to summer camps at their church building. Sam began to hear the gospel. When he came to Christ as a teenager, he immediately started to bring others to Christ. Sam has surrendered his life to ministry and now actively leads many outreach efforts in the same church that shared Christ with him as a young boy.

Shaye moved across the country to Georgia to escape an abusive relationship. With no family and a young toddler, she visited a church, hungry for a new life. As she learned more and more about the love of Christ, she eventually gave her life to Him. Shaye is now part of a ministry to women who are pregnant and in crisis. Remembering the harsh realities of life as a single, new mom, she wants to help other women find the transforming love of Christ, just like she did. 

Belinda grew up in a home with no books. She wanted to read, but the only object that gave her the opportunity were cereal boxes. She took her experiences and passion and used them as a Christ-follower to serve in a Georgia public school system for 30 years. Now retired, she helps churches provide reading ministries for children and youth.

Transformed lives transform lives

When the Good News of Jesus comes into a person’s life – no matter where they are – a miraculous transformation begins. And that transformation cannot be contained. For more stories, visit the Mission Georgia website at You’ll find a prayer guide, video stories and other Mission Georgia resources.

Lorna Bius

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